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Neem Foot Powder 140g (4.95 ozs)

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Neem Foot Powder 140g (4.95 ozs)

Smelly feet?

We have included here the following reference which is recorded in the well read published book "Neem, a Tree for Solving Global Problems" which was funded by the USA Congress. We are quoting this not to represent a claim of any type but for information purposes only.
The information is in the public domain.

"Neem has proved effective against certain fungi that infect the human body. Such fungi are an increasing problem and have been difficult to control by synthetic fungicides e.g. a laboratory study of neem showed toxicity to 14 common fungi including "Athlete's Foot" that infects hair, skin & nails"

Dust liberally onto feet and into shoes to help rid your feet of smelly bacteria and odour

So try our Neem Herbal Powder - it contains Neem and can be used with together with our Foot Exfoliating Cream

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