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GROOMING Shampoo 250ml (8.5 fl ozs)

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GROOMING Shampoo 250ml (8.5 fl ozs)

Very Affordable and Very Popular

Try our Pet Grooming Shampoo when you want a quality shampoo at a very affordable price.

It has been especially formulated for long haired dogs
(it can also be used on short haired dogs).

pH balanced. Neem & Coconut

Wet dog, apply shampoo to cover coat and massage in, leave for several minutes before rinsing out.
Then follow up with our Pet Grooming Conditioner to give that extra softness and condition to coat. 

Has been very popular for many a long year

Author: Betty Hampel, Canada, 1.6.08
This is the best product available for bathing dogs. I have had ongoing problems with my terriers skin and after using this product my dog is Happy again. Bj Hampel, Stratford Ont.Canada

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