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Neem & Macadamia Cream 100g (3.53 ozs)

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Neem & Macadamia Cream 100g (3.53 ozs)

Creamy smooth

Botanical Neem & Macadamia Facial Moisturising Cream has been specially formulated to give you the ultimate in natural skin care cream.

It has a fine texture, unperfumed, and is a perfect Day or Night cream for the face and neck. 

Macadamia oil deeply moisturises and contains Palmitoleic which helps keep the skin taut and prevent wrinkles from forming.  
Like Neem it assists in the healing and regeneration of cell membranes 

To help nourish and revitalise the appearance of your skin we have also added  the finest botanical ingredients including,  Australian Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) - another great moisturiser, Almond Oil to soothe and calm your skin,  Jojoba  that helps against wrinkles and Vitamin E that is a great nutrient.

The cream is light in texture and suits oily, normal as well as for those with dry & damaged skins. 

Apply daily to face and neck.

NO Petro Chemicals Used.
NO Animal testing 
NO Animal Products Used
Only Natural Plant derivatives Used

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