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SILK Ultra-sensitive soap 120g

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SILK Ultra-sensitive soap 120g

Unique French Recipe

Silky smooth

Our Silk soap is silky smooth with a luxurious lather that spoils your skin.

 A unique French recipe that spoils and pampers your body. 

Unperfumed so suits even those delicate and allergic skins.

Your skin is the largest organ on our body and needs to be looked after as it has to last you a long, long time..

Our Silk soap is made up of vegetable oils, Neem, Jojoba and Viramin E to clean and moisturise your skin.

During manufacture our soap has been triple milled with heavyweight rollers 3-4 times to break down the gritty crystals that form in the soap when it is being made.
This gives a creamy smooth  and high quality finish to the soap.   
Most soap manufacturers use a lightweight roller and only mill the soap once so you are not getting the highest quality that the Triple Milling gives you.

So, this is a luxury you can afford.


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