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  • Neem Trees in Australia



    Neem Tree - Qld Plantation Plantation Tree - Far North Queensland



    Neem GC Pines 720 Rosser Park with views to Royal Pines - 3 healthy Neem Trees


    Neem Trees at Darwin, NT. Darwin trees, N T. Brought to Australia after World War 2 - huge trees scattered throughout the area.


    Brian's trees Brian's healthy seedlings, Mudgeeraba. Qld.


    Neem rosser Pk 1 Young Neem tree Rosser Park, Gold Coast.


    Neem Trees Mackay 480 Mackay, Qld - wind break and shade tree


    Plantation 500.05 Young trees - Country, North Queensland.
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  • Delicious Magazine Awards 2017


    Recently, our friend, Gerard Buchanan of Buck's farm, Chillingham, NSW, won the State Award for his Native Finger Limes.

    There were four sections - Dairy, Earth, Paddock and Sea.
    He won the Earth section, i.e. anything grown.  There were 12 judges who were blindfolded to taste the produce.   These judges were from all the top restaurants from around Australia.

    Buck's 350 acre farm grows just about everything - mangoes, avocados, finger limes, kaffir limes, buddha hands, Yuzu fruit, Turmeric, coffee plus plenty of Australian Bush Tucker Food.
    It's certainly worth a visit anytime you are near the Tweed area.

    The national championships are coming up pretty soon so we hope he wins that too.    You can view his site , 


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  • Snow sailing Russia


    Earlier this year we sponsored Brisbane adventurer, Charles Werb, on his attempt to snow sail on the frozen Volga River in Russia.

    He entered the WISSA 2017 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships that were held in Tolyatti, Samara Province, Russia and also snow sail on the frozen Volga River for 24 hours to set a distance record and raise money for Beyond Blue.

    He launched his Swoosh Snow-Sailer, which he designed, in the Northern Hemisphere Wind Sports and Extreme Sports Market.  Our company name and product photographs were on the skis (3 of them - 1 on each side and 1 on the front).

    The conditions were extreme as you can imagine and so we sponsored him with our Moisturising Sunscreen Cream and our Honey Lip Balm.  The Cream came in handy against the glare from the ice and snow and the Lip Balm was a wonder against drying out and chapped lips.   Charles took a bundle with him for his helpers and various competitors from all over the world.

    You can see more about Charles and his Adventure Publishing Magazine on his website and for those extreme sports buffs you may wish to join in and compete in the various extreme sports or help with sponsorship for his next adventure.


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    We are very pleased that our company was invited to participate in the inaugural "Global Neem Awareness Group" convened by Dr Nirrmala Kothari in Mumbai, India from 25.2.16 to 27.2.16.

    The focus of this forum was to gather together as many international "Neem'' scientists, doctors, producers and manufacturers in one place to plan how best to promote the use of Neem globally and to have a panel of specialists who would share their incredible experiences and update the participants on the very latest discoveries in Neem research worldwide.  Participants were from India, Canada, Australia, Italy and Portugal.

    The Conference was held in the famous Nehru Centre in Mumbai and all manufacturers were invited to have a stall in the exhibition centre.

    We had a very good position for our stall in the exhibition centre- we took along our newly packaged Personal Care range of Botanical Neem and are delighted to say that the response to our products was exceptional - needless to say that we didn't bring any back with us.
    Also, we were the lunch sponsor for the conference - great Indian Cuisine and it was a great hit with everyone.

    On the third day we had a B&B (Business to Business) day where we could all meet and discuss our businesses, future plans developing Neem and fostering good relationships.  Many Indian companies were represented as well and we all had a great day.

    Towards the end of the conference Dr Kotharii initiated a move to  invite the participants to join in an international panel which would be dedicated to promoting the use of Neem worldwide titled Global Neem Action Group (GNAG). We are delighted to confirm that Brian Williams, CEO of our company, was invited to join this panel and he has accepted the invitation.

    It was proposed that the panel will meet and communicate on a regular basis. 

    The conference re-affirmed our dedication to Neem - it truly deserves its description by the United Nations as


    Brian & Carol Williams

    Neeming Australia Pty Ltd

    P.S. There were some brilliant presentations - some of which we have added for your benefit (Dr Morgado & Terramera).

    Nehru Centre Mumbai 1000 DSCN0119 Nehru Centre Mumbai
    Nehru Centre entry Mumbai Entry to Nehru Centre Mumbai
    Chemixel CEO, Nirrmala Conference Dignitaries
    Exhibition Banner Exhibition Banner


    Nirrmala on Podium DSC_0671 Dr Nirrmala Kotharii welcoming exhibitors
    Dr Saxema - Guru of Neem Dr Saxema - Chairman Neem Foundation
    Prof Nagina - researcher into Neem's role in Cancer Prof Nagina - researcher into Neem's role in Cancer


    Brian addressing forum Brian addressing Forum on Australia's position in world market
    Forum member addressing committee jpg Dr Neem addressing committee
    Bharathi addressing forum jpg Bharathi addressing forum





    Neeming Banner Our Banner
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  • DR JOAQUIM MORGADO - Portugal, Austria, UAE, India


    One presentation that especially impressed us was the one by Dr Morgado of Portugal who has invented 4 completely new Neem medicinal products ( these were launched at the opening ceremony) and will be commercially available soon.

    The products were:
    A.  Wound Cream

    B.   Psoriasis Cream
    C.  Burn Cream
    D. Haemorrhoids Cream

    Patients in these categories who had severe problems were photographed through treatment to complete healing (which we won't show here as they are pretty gruesome to start with but needless to say the end results were truly amazing).  Once these become commercially available we shall immediately let you know - so watch this space

    Dr Morgado on podium at conference

    Joaquim Mogado on Podium DSC_0465

    Morgado's products

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    Terramera Canada on Podium Grant Aldridge, Terramera

    Another Neem manufacturer of products was Terramera from Canada who have invented products to rid the world of 'BED MITES' which has become a huge problem in hotels/motels worldwide.    We hope to stock these in Australia when they have passed through the regulatory process here.  They are already featured in many of the stores in USA & Canada.

    Terramera stall

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  • Herb of the Month: Neem


    Neem oil is used in soaps, lotions, facemasks, shampoos, and toothpastes. It helps treat fungal infections, lice, dry scalp, dandruff, premature graying of the hair, gingivitis, and skin disorders. Neem oil relieves dry skin and soothes itchy, red, irritated skin. It has also Continue reading See More

  • Neem Announced Tree of the 21st Century


    Azadirachta Indica, commonly known as Neem, is a medicinal tree of the family Meliaceae.

    Due to its various uses and medicinal properties, the United Nations has declared it as the TREE OF THE 21st CENTURY. Continue reading See More

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