5L Bathroom & Mirror Cleaner

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CLEANS LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVEOur Great Aussie Cleaner for Bathrooms and Mirrors is a concentrated formula and contains natural Spearmint and Neem Oils.It refreshes and cleans and makes everything sparkle.There are no harsh chemicals – it is enviromentally friendly and safe to use.A note from the author:  If you are like me and cannot handle strong chemical smells while cleaning the showers and bathrooms then you must try this cleaner It is the only cleaner that I can use without feeling irky and getting a rotten headacheIt cleans like you wouldn’t believe and is all natural so is safe for the environment as well as kind to you.Economical to use and gentle on hands:For showers, tiles, floors and sinks just 50mls to 1 bucket of HOT waterFor MIrrors just 30ml to 1 litre warm water – sponge over then wipe dry with soft dry cloth.  My grandmother always taught me to wipe down with newspaper and that also works a treat on the mirrors and glass.This product is unique to Neeming Australia Pty Ltd and the formula has been designed by us exclusively and is not a copy of any other product on the market.It does not contain Ammonia, Nitrates, Animal fats, Bleach, Borates, Phosphates, Caustic soda, SLS, SLES, Chlorinated Solvents, Formaldahyde.

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