5L Orchid Spray concentrate


FREE Postage anywhere in Australia No Chemicals – Eco-friendly – 100% BiodegradableSoil Ameliorant – for better soilTry our all natural Neem Orchid Spray in a concentrated formula. It is a blessing – no masks required when spraying and it will not harm you or the beneficial insects. However, most insects that attack your orchid will rather go somewhere else than attack a plant that has a neem presence.Neem is non toxic to humans, animals, beneficial insects. It provides great nutrition for the soil as well. Our Neem oil is certified Oganic and is cold pressed to as to retain all of its beneficial components such as natural organic sulphur, proteins, vitamins, glycerines, and various trace elements.Great for use by commercial growers. For home growers just mix 20mls to 1 litre of water and spray regularly or as requiredOne of the main benefits of Neem compared to chemical fertilisers is that it leaves NO toxic residues in the soil and is 100% biodegradable! 

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