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Face Cream with Sunscreen 100g

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Face Cream with Sunscreen 100g

Have a FUN Day

and not a sunburnt day

Protect your skin when you venture out into the sun by using our Moisturiser with Sunscreen.

It's very effective and will moisturise the skin and help protect it from the drying affects of the sun.
These days we have to be mindful of the sun and the damage it causes.

Our skin is our largest organ and it needs looking after so take care next time you want to go out into the sun.
Just apply a small amount to your face, neck and body but make sure that you have covered all areas well.

Our Moisturiser with Sunscreen contains 68% Aloe Vera as well as Macadamia oil, Neem and Vitamin E.

It is great for your body as well as your face and it is safe for sensitive skins.

However, if you are going out surfing or swimming you will need a waterproof sunscreen

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