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Enriched Cream 100g

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Enriched Cream 100g

Replenishes cells

Its Rich and Smooth

Let your skin reap the benefits from this minerally enriched cream. It deeply moisturises and replenishes cells to help the skin look younger.

It's a smooth cream and it suits all skin types - from dry, oily to sensitive  and it contains many essential minerals that are needed for cell rejuvernation.

So, replenish your skin and help provide protection against harmful oxidants that damage your skin.

Contains over 70 known essential minerals and trace elements,
Aloe Vera to moisturise,
Botanical Neem as a great anti-oxidant to help against free radicals that damage your skin
Macadamia Oil to replenish cells
Almond Oil soothes and calms the skin

No Petro chemicals
No animal testing
No animal products


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