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Acne Pack for Guys - Special

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Acne Pack for Guys - Special

Starter Pack

A great little starter pack for that teenager with troubled and acne skin 
Normally cost is $34.15 but as a special to get you started is now only $34.00 so is a very good buy - quality and a good price

Firstly, our Neem Rich Facial Moisturiser is light in texture, non greasy and is unperfumed (for those with allergies and acne) and suits all skin types
After cleansing your face apply a small amount to face and neck and masage gently in. Use it as part of your regular regime. 

Secondly, Face Scrub as a cleanser has tiny beads that roll on your skin and remove dead and damaged skin.  
Apply liberally to face and neck (if needed), massage well into the skin and then simply wash off with cold water.  Cold water closes up the pores and helps manage your acne and help prevent blackheads appearing.
You may need to use the face scrub often to help clear up your skin. It is unperfumed and will suit all skin types, i.e. oily, dry, normal to tough. The cleanser is creamy so the beads will roll and remove dry skin without scratching your skin. The scrub will leave your face feeling refreshed. Fresh Aloe Vera Juice is blended together with Almond Oil, Neem & Vitamin E.
Use regularly to maintain healthy skin.

Silk Ultra-sensitive soap is perfect for teenage skin - wonderful French recipe with extra moisturiser and Jojoba oil to soothe and replenish. It is perfect to use on the face as well as the body. It is also unperfumed.

If playing sport and you get hot and sweaty, splash some cold water on your face to help close up your pores as well as cool you down
Also, with Acne try not to eat rubbish food as this will only aggravate your acne.


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