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Agriculture with Neem

For many years, Neem has provided man with natural products for farming practices.
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Neem Rich Fully Organic Products

The Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss) has been classified by the United Nations as “The Tree of the 21st Century” due to its uncanny ability to address many of the issues arising in relation to animal husbandry. 

Its use dates back to, at least, 4,000 years – a time when chemical manufacture was not around.  So the locals had to improvise and discover their own products from their very limited supply sources.
They soon discovered that Neem and its various components could be harvested and used to help protect and cleanse their animals and we have continued that practice and now manufacture a large range of products – shampoos, conditioners, washes – not only for our pets but also for our friends in the agricultural industry.

We produce Neem fertilisers and Plant Sprays for home gardeners and farmers and                  they are delighted to now have a natural alternative to use on their crops.                      Our Neem Rich Plant Spray and our Eco-Balanced Plant Spray are certified organic and are very easy to use.
Your pets and animals will love Neem and your plants will respond favourably to using Neem.



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