About Neem



The Neem Tree has been declared ‘The Tree of the 21st Century’ (United Nations).

The Neem story is a truly remarkable one as this tree has properties which have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda (The Science of Life). It  provides incredible opportunities for the future of our planet in terms of preserving the eco system, reducing pollution, promoting sustainable  and green agricultural practises, the cleansing of all of us including the animal kingdom.  

In India it is recognised that the Neem Tree has miraculous powers and now scientists all over the world are recognising its huge potential.  For  centuries millions of people used neem as a beauty aid and women regard it as an anti-aging agent.  They have cleaned their teeth with neem twigs, smeared skin disorders with neem based oils, drank neem tea and placed neem leaves in their beds, books, grain bins, cupboards  and closets.  Neem in Ayurveda has been referred to as the Village Pharmacy.

Neem has many uses, not only for skincare and health but also for cleansing our pets and for agriculture too.

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