Neem & Turmeric Combo

Neem & Turmeric Combo

The Best of both worlds
We have developed this new product to make it easier for our customers to take one single capsule instead of 2 types.
It is a convenient way to get the benefits of both Turmeric and Neem.
Both of these herbs are recognised as traditional medicines in the East and are now receiving ready acceptance in the west.
Comes in 3 convenient sizes – 40, 60 and 300 capsules
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The Neem Tree has taken many thousands of years to learn how to protect itself from insects.
It was discovered this in the West when a locust plague went through the Sudan in the 60’s and destroyed everything in sight but left the Neem trees without any damage whatsoever so scientists then decided to examine the Neem tree to find out why.
Since then much scientific study of Neem has been conducted in many countries and it is now becoming the product of choice with farmers and plant growers mainly due to its effects on insects and non toxic effect on humans and animals.

There have also been many scientific studies done overseas on the medical benefits of Neem.  These studies are ongoing with many incredible results.
We listened to many professors and doctors from various parts of the world presenting their advanced medical studies when we attended the World Neem Organisation Conference in India.



We advise that the Neem Tree is possessed of many anti’s and amongst these there are ANTI VIRAL compounds.
It possesses an amazing range of phytochemicals (actives) contained within its leaves, bark, flowers, fruit and seeds.
As a traditional medicine it has been used for chicken pox, herpes, shingles, colds, influenza and many other ailments.

In several studies on Neem’s effectiveness as an anti-viral agent shows that it may interact with the surface of cells to prevent infection by the virus thereby inhibiting multiplication of the virus (Rai and Sethi, 1972).

Similar results have been observed in studies of other viral pathogens indicating a unique property or Neem to prevent viral disease (Rao, 1969) (Singh,1981) (Saxena, 1985), published in a book “Neem, the Ultimate Herb”- John Conrick, USA.
Please note that antibiotics are NOT an anti-virus agents.

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This document provided by Neeming Australia Pty Ltd is for information purposes only. It is not intended as any form of medical advice. Readers should seek medical advice for their conditions from a medical practitioner.