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Say NO to chemicals – say ‘YES’ to Natural NEEM
The land and soil is the most important of all this earth’s resources and must be nurtured and protected.
Man’s use of agricultural practices over the past century has depleted the soil’s capacity to produce healthy crops – there is a way to reverse this and we can help you to do this.
So, if you are seeking an alternative to the chemical way, please be assured that we have products that will suit your needs and not contaminate your land or your produce.
In agriculture, the Neem Tree (botanical name Azadirachta Indica au Jus) has for many years provided man with natural products for their farming practices. If we can stop or limit the use of toxic chemicals by using Neem, then we are making this planet a more eco-friendly place and, at the same time, reducing pollution and promoting sustainable and green agricultural practices.
Neem as a fertiliser not only fertilises the crops but improves the quality of degraded soils which are an ever increasing threat to our planet.
So let’s give ourselves and our future generations a planet to enjoy

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