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The Neem tree is possessed of many anti’s and studies reveal its anti-virus activity.
As a traditional medicine it has been used for chicken pox, herpes, shingles, colds and influenza.

The action of Neem is reported – ” Neem is one of just a few known anti-viral agents”. In a study on Neem’s effectiveness as an anti-viral agent Neem seemed to interact with the surface of cells to prevent infection by the virus whereby inhibiting multiplication of the virus (Rai and Sethi, 1972).

Similar results have been observed in studies of other viral pathogens  indicating a unique property of Neem to prevent viral disease (Rao, 1969) (Singh, 1981) (Saxena, 1985).
“Neem, the Ultimate Herb” – John Conrick.

Dr Saxena is the Chairman of the Neem Foundation and Senior Advisor and Founding Member of the World Neem Organisation (WNO).

Antibiotics are NOT anti-viral agents.
So, try our Neem Leaf Capsules or our Neem Tea as preventatives.

The Neem Tree
The time has arrived for us all to take more interest in our own health and wellbeing. The Neem Tree has properties which have been used for
thousands of years and has proven itself to be one of the wonders of the world.
The beneficial qualities that come from the tree are reputed to be antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial to mention just a few.

In India it is revered as ‘The Wonder Tree’ and ‘The Village Pharmacy’.
This has been reinforced by the United Nations declaring Neem ”The Tree of the 21st Century” as it does so much for so many.

As a vibrant company we have enthusiastically embraced this wonderful tree and produce from it many natural eco-friendly health & wellness products.
We are also amazed at the incredible benefits of Turmeric which is regarded as a Super Food.
We have added MSM vegan capsules to our range as it contains collagen and keratin to help your body’s cell regeneration .

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