The Neem Tree is possessed of many anti’s and studies reveal its anti-virus activity.
As a traditional medicine it has been used for chicken pox, herpes, shingles, colds and influenza.

The action of Neem is reported “Neem is one of just a few known anti-viral agents”. In a study on Neem’s effectiveness as an anti-viral agent Neem seem to interact with the surface of cells to prevent infection by the virus thereby inhibiting multiplication of the virus (Rai and Sethi, 1972).
Similar results have been observed in studies of other viral pathogens indicating a unique property or Neem to prevent viral disease (Rao, 1969) (Singh,1981) (Saxena, 1985) _- “Neem, the Ultimate Herb”- John Conrick, USA.

Antibiotics are not anti-virus agents.
So, Look to Nature – Look to NEEM and try our Leaf Capsules and Tea.

Neem is a well known naturally occurring bitter which enhances the liver so that it works better and cleanses the blood running through it.
Neem is aptly named a ‘blood purifier’ in Ayurveda. and is regarded as one of the highest blood purifying herbs.
It helps rid the body of toxins that are the cause of many illnesses.
The purified blood washes and soothes internal organs.
Our capsules are made with neem leaf from Australian trees – the leaves are gently harvested and sundried before being used for tea or encapsulated.

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