Soaps & Body Washes

Any Palm Oil that we use in our soaps is RSPO Certified (web means that it was certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and, by respecting their specific criteria, help reduce the negative impacts of cultivation on the environment and communities.RSPO crieteria states that no primary forests that contain endagered species (e.g. Orangutans) or fragile ecosystems, or areas that have traditional cultural values and /  or areas exclusively used by communities can be cleared.   To replace Palm Oil  would simply create a similar environmental problem – e.g. sunflower, soybean, as much larger amounts of land would need to be used as palm trees produce 4-10 times more oil than other crops per unit of cultivated land.  This would mean that more forests would need to be converted into agricultural land.For further information click onto their website,

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