Soaps & Body Washes

At Neeming Australia we are very mindful that people like to exercise their own choices in the soaps that they use and we now produce no fewer than 10 high quality soaps each with its own distinct character.
Neem Rich Luxury soaps which are tripled milled to ensure extra creaminess and longer lasting.
Natural Vegetable Glycerine soaps with Dewberry.
Natural Beauty Bars and Vegetable soaps that lather in hard and salt water.

Then there is our Botanical Neem Washes too.
Also, check out our Value Packs for some great specials

A Special Note:
Any Palm Oil that we may use in our soaps is RSPO Certified (web www.rspo.org).
That means that it was certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and, by respecting their specific criteria, help reduce the negative impacts of cultivation on the environment and communities.

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