1L Neem Leaf Extract

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Neem Leaf Extract is made solely from fresh dried Neem leaves.  
The leaves are firstly collected, dried and then checked carefully before the extraction process takes place.

It is manufacted in TGA approved premises in Australia and takes several months to produce.
The extraction process uses water and ethanol which ensures that most of the beneficial qualities in the leaf are extracted.
The water extracts certain elements from the leaves and ethanol (from sugar cane) extracts the balance.

Try our Leaf Extract  for skin dryness and inflammation – it may assist in skin repair.
It also helps protect the skin from the elements so try it and see the results for yourself.

Neem has been used for over 4,000 years (pretty good testimonial) in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as a natural product which is wonderful for the skin.
The United Nations has declared the Neem Tree as ‘The Tree of the 21st Century’ 

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