250g Moisturising Cream – unperfumed (8.82 0zs)

$30.20 inc GST

Value for Money

For the discerning ones who have seen the benefits of our Botanical Neem Rich Moisturising Cream in the 100g jar we now have a 250g pot just for you. It can either be used as a Day or Night Cream and suits all skin types including sensitive as well as dry & damaged skin.  

Enriches and revitalises your skin

Neem deeply moisturises and regenerates dry and damaged skin.  
Macadamia Oil helps prevent wrinkles from forming and keeps your skin healthy.
To nourish your skin we have used the finest botanicals including Aloe Vera to moisurise, Vitamin E as an antioxidant, Almond oil to soothe and calm your skin.

NO Petro Chemicals Used. 
NO Animal testing 
NO Animal Products Used 
Only Natural Plant derivatives Used

Australian quality product

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