40 Vegan Neem Leaf Capsules (Vegan Caps)

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1 – 2 tablets per day for mainting health and well being

Our Neem Leaf Capsules are made with naturally dried Australian grown Neem Leaf.
Each capsule contains 330mg of Neem Leaf powder with 40 capsules per container.

Our capsule containers are vegetable based and therefore suitable for Vegans

Neem Leaf Capsules may prevent or assist in the cure of the following complaints, however, if you have a serious or recurring illness, please see a competent Natural Health Practioner or Doctor.
Suggested complaints to benefit from using Neem Leaf are:Gout, Headache (both minor & migraine headaches) – Sore Throats – Colds – Influenza – Arthritis & Rheumatism – Diabetes – Eczema – as well as Fevers – herpes – food poisoning – shingles – thrush – dandruff – high blood pressure – lowering of cholesterol – kidney problems – malaria.Over thousands of years, Neem Leaf has been used by hundreds of millions of people and no hazards have been documented at normal dosages.
Only at extreme high levels may neem be toxic to infants – this can be true of anything taken internally.
Neem capsules are not recommended for those who are pregnant, wishing to become pregnant or lactating mothers.“

NEEM: A hands on guide to one of the world’s most versatile herbs” 
Antioxidants One of the hottest topics in the natural food industry is antioxidants, probably because they play a critical role in preventing damage that plays a significant role in initiating chronic degenerative diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart disease Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as speeding up the plain old (pun intended!) process of aging.

Oxidative stress is a natural process that occurs as cells produce energy.
Free radicals, a by-product of this process, damage cells (including DNA) and tissue.
The problem occurs when the body’s resources for quenching these free radicals or repairing the damage they cause aren’t adequate.

Antioxidants are in many foods and many of the health benefits of foods like blueberries, broccoli and cranberrries are directly related to their antioxidant levels. The ORAC test (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), described online at www.usingneem.com, shows that all forms of neem are extraordinarily high in antioxidants, far higher than foods on the high antioxidant lists.
Along with its immune-boosting properties, high antioxidant levels may help to explain why neem is known around the world as “the village pharmacy”

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