50ml Body Spritz Deodorant spray Refillable – Purse size

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100% natural Deodorant

It’s unique in that it can be refilled many times before the crystal runs out,

The size makes it handy for travelling.

It contains no harmful aluminium and no preservatives.
It is very economical as it lasts for simply ages – just spray on your face or body and refill with water when empty.

USES: The crystal can be used for underarm odour which is it’s most common use, to refresh the whole body & face in hot weather as well as for the control of foot odour.
Protect the eyes when spraying on the face.

Refill with water and/or fragrance


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Natural Mineral Crystals have been used for centuries by doctors to cleanse and purify. Ideal for sensitive skin.
REFILLABLE many times

Contains NO harmful Aluminium Chlorohydrate/Chlorhydroride

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Weight 125 g