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DO YOU WANT YOUR KITCHEN TILES AND FLOOR TO SPARKLE -THEN THIS IS THE ANSWEROur Great Aussie Cleaner for Kitchen and Floor Tiles is a concentrated formula and contains natural Spearmint and Neem Oils.It cleans and makes everything sparkle like you wouldn’t believe.There are no harsh chemicals – it is enviromentally friendly and safe to use.Economical to use and gentle on hands:For benches, sinks, floor tiles – just 50mls to 1 bucket of HOT waterFor ovens which are normally a nightmare just 50mls to 500mls Hot water – apply with cloth or sponge and leave for several hours before rinsing and wiping down. No horrible ammonia smell. You will be pleasantly surprised.  It is just so easy to use and takes all the hard work out oven cleaning.A Note from the author:I always worry with these chemical smells that tend to pervade the oven after cleaning as to then go and cook a lovely dinner or cake.So, I will always choose the natural spearmint and clean smell that is friendly to both the food and the environment. This product is unique to Neeming Australia Pty Ltd and the formula has been designed by us exclusively and is not a copy of any other product on the market.It does not contain Ammonia, Nitrates, Animal fats, Bleach, Borates, Phosphates, Caustic soda, SLS, SLES, Chlorinated Solvents, Formaldahyde.

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Value for moneyGreat price – great valueCan be used on both long and short haired dogs. Everyday use – mild and gentle – pH balanced. TESTIMONIALAuthor: Betty Hampel, Canada, 1.6.08This is the best product available for bathing dogs. I have had ongoing problems with my terriers skin and after using this product my dog is Happy again. Bj Hampel, Stratford Ont.Canada

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