60 MSM Vegan Capsules

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MSM is intended for everyone who appreciates good health. 

MSM is an organic form of sulphur that in pre-modern times we received through our diets, however, to-day most  people suffer from chronic MSM deficiences.

The medicinal properties of biological sulphur are profound and MSM gives the body the tools to maintain its health and vitality

Benefits of Sulphur (MSM)
Nails and Hair mainly consist of Keratin which has a high sulphur content
In cartilage the sulphur content forms with Collagen to give it structure
As we age the flexible tissues lose their elastic properties and Sulphur Bridges form flexible connections between the cells that allows them to retain their elasticity

Experiments have shown that MSM, after eating, binds to the Mucosa – allergens and parasites cannot bind to Mucosa and so toxins are oxidised and free radicals eliminated”The MSM Miracle” states MSM improves the cellular uptake of many nutrients such as Vitamin C, all B-Vitamins, Vitamins A, D, E and amino acids which prolong their lives

MSM comes in capsule form in sizes 40, 60 and 3001 – 2 capsules per day preferably with food

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