Botanical Neem Cream Trio Pack

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Maintain Healthy Skin
Use Neem Rich Creams & Body Lotion to maintain & replenish healthy skin
Even the most discerning will be pleasantly surprised at this quality.

Trio Cream Pack contains:
1. Our Almond Facial Lotion which suits even the most delicate skin.
It is light in texture and is unperfumed (for those with allergies).
Wonderful for those with sensitive, fine and oily skin.
Also great in hot climates where you only need the lightest of creams to protect your skin.

2. Our Moisturising Macadamia Day/Night Cream – 100g jar – also unperfumed and suits all skin types even problem skins. You will be surprised at just how little you need and how effective it is.
Moisturises and replenishes.

3. Our Aloe Vera Body Lotion with Dewberry fragrance 250ml – light, smooth and creamy.
You could easily pay the same price just for one item of this quality of some other brands!

So try it and see for yourself the quality.

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To maintain & replenish healthy skin.
Plant based – no petro chemicals that harm and damage your skin.

No animal testing
No animal products used.

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Weight 125 g