eco-balance Supreme DUO

$28.50 inc GST

750ml Spray and 250ml Concentrate
Simple to use – once spray container empty just refill with 7mls concentrate and top with water.  Shake well before use.

A great starter pack for the home gardener and helps to promote healthier looking plants/vegies/trees and at the same time improve the soil by adding essential minerals. It’s all natural too!
The minerals and trace elements are necessary for healthy growth so give your plants the best possible start by using our eco-balance spray.
Most of these minerals have been missing in our soils and you need them in the soil if you want nutritious vegetables and fruits.
Remember, we are what we eat.

Simply shake the bottle before using.  Liberally spray all the plants (including shrubs and fruit trees).
Refill by using 7mls concentrate to container, fill with water and shake before using.
Do not spray in full sun (best time late afternoon).
Following initial spray, repeat in 7-10 days and then only as required.

Contains:  Neem Oil, Humate liquid with over 70 minerals together with a natural emulsifier (so that it will mix with water). See humate description below.

Ecofriendly and biodegradable so will not harm our environment.

No animal testing
No animal ingredients.




Humates are  now being recognised as one of the most valuable inputs for farming and gardening ever discovered.
They consist of humic and fulvic Acid and raw humates being derived from very ancient plant matter which contains nitrogen, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, selenium, carbon, sulphur, phosphate, potash and, of course, fulvic and humic acid.

Eco-balance’s humates are obtained from a super active source and we have developed these unique products as the only ones of this particular make-up in the world to-day.

Neeming Australia Pty Ltd has become a leader in humate development having produced a product range options under the banner of eco-balance Australia.