Equine Food Supplement 10 kg pail (22 lb 7 1/2 ozs)

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Equine Food Supplement contains over 70 minerals and essential trace elements that are necessary for a healthy animalEquine Food Supplement is a humic and fulvic acid based stock food supplement containing chelated forms of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, kelp, selenium and other micro-elements. Fulvic acid is an electrolyte to create cellular balance, which has many associated benefits including improved digestion, health and vigour.Humic acid is a recognised digestive aid for all domestic animals and is a powerful tool to improve feed utilisation. Equine Food Supplement also has powerful detox properties and is a microbe stimulant. It contains over 70 minerals and essential trace elements that are necessary for health and well-being.BENEFITS Non-toxic ·Stabilises intestinal flora · Reduces water lossRecommended Application:Horses – 10 – 20 grams per day (night meal only) depending on weight of horse (500 kg horse = 20g)Mix with water or molasses and add to nightly feedContinue use while spellingEssential for mares and stallions at studSafe for weanlings and yearlingsFor sick and ailing animals, the dosage can be doubledCattle, Sheep, Deer – 20g per 100kg of body weight per week – approximately 20g to 500 Kg animalPigs – 1.5g per 1kg of feed (.15%) once a weekThis can be reduced or increased depending on the health of the animal.Because it improves digestion the animals look better, their coats superb and they will tend to put on weight if their food intake is not controlled. It is brilliant for sick and ailing animals.All natural product with no chemical additives.

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