Facial Scrub 125ml (4.25 fl ozs)

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Dry or damaged skin?

Then you need our Facial Scrub.
It’s a creamy lotion that is neem enriched and has tiny, tiny beads to remove dead & dry skin.
The tiny beads roll on your skin and won’t scratch.
The cream replenishes and refreshes your skin.

Apply liberally to the face & neck, massage well into the skin and then simply wash off  before applying Moisturiser.
You will feel the beads gliding on your skin to remove dead cells.
For a new you try this great little product


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Creamy smooth.

Botanical Neem, natural vegetable glycerin,  Almond oil, purified water, emollient, natural emulsifier from coconut, surfactant (allows it to wash off), polyethylene beads, natural vegetable preservative.

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