FOOT DUO – Scrub and Talc

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Neem Foot Scrub for smooth Heels and Feet 100g
Embarrassed by your dry and cracked heels?
Then try our new foot scrub that will help get rid of that dry and cracked skin.
This Foot exfoliating cream removes the top layer of dead skin and then re-textures and helps smooth your heels and feet.
Pumice will exfoliate the dead skin and the cream enhanced with Lime will cleanse, moisturise and help rid the feet of unpleasant odours.

Neem Foot Powder 120g
Fantastic for use not only only on your feet but also into your gym shoes that tend to get a bit smelly.
Neem is regarded as ‘anti fungal’ so will help those with Athlete’s Foot.
A handy pack to have around especially for those gym junkies and sports type fanatics.

100% Australian – Natural – Effective

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100% Australian – Natural – Effective