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Neem Plant Spray Concentrate

Our Concentrated Neem Plant Spray contains pure Certified Organic Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed) 85% and an organic wetting agent (15%).
It is suitable for use on all crops, trees, plants, flowers, fruits, vegies.
Perfect for organic and commercial growers.

SOIL AMELIORANT-for better soil

For home growers dilute at a rate of 10mls to 1 litre of water for vegies, flowers and fruit trees.
Spray to cover all parts of the plant – best in late afternoon

For Commercial growers between 2-3 litres of concentrated spray to 1 hectare is recommended.
Spraying should be repeated 7 days after initial spraying and as necessary thereafter.

It can be applied on its own or in conjunction with other liquid fertilisers to improve growth of crops as a fertiliser and as a plant food.
Traditional uses show that ,when used as directed, it is non toxic to humans, animals, birds, bees & earthworms.
No masks required when spraying.

Our certified Organic Neem Seed Oil contains natural organic sulphur, proteins, vitamins, glycerine, and various beneficial trace elements.

One of the main benefits of Neem compared to chemical fertilisers is that it leaves NO toxic residue in the soil and is 100% biodegradable!
Cold pressed with no additives or extractions – it is just as nature intended.
Comes with a Certificate of Analysis and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

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Our Concentrated Neem Plant Spray contains pure Certified Organic Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed) 85% and an organic wetting agent (15%).

No farm should be without our Neem Plant Spray – great for the plants and great for the soil.

Great against black spot on fruit trees as Neem is antifungal too.
Aphids are a menace to roses and see how they respond to Neem – they don’t like it one bit.
All sorts of plants benefit by the use of Neem.

The Neem Tree has taken many thousands of years to learn how to protect itself from insects.
It was discovered this in the West when a locust plague went through the Sudan in the 60’s and destroyed everything in sight but left the Neem trees without any damage whatsoever so scientists then decided to examine the Neem tree to find out why.  Since then much scientific study of Neem has been conducted in many countries and it is now becoming the product of choice with farmers and plant growers mainly due to its effects on insects and non toxic effect on humans and animals.

NO masks needed when spraying either.

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