Hair & Scalp Revitaliser 50ml


For Dry Hair & Itchy ScalpsNatural oils for your hair & scalpThis hot oil treatment is fantastic for dry, itchy scalp and dry hair or split ends.This hair & Scalp Revitaliser oil is a natural product made up of Grapeseed Oil which has been hand-blended with pure Neem Seed Oil with just enough Fragripani oil to create a light perfume.Both Neem & Grapeseed oils contain a high amount of Linoleic Acid, which is a fatty acid essential for health of the skin and cell membranes. These oils also contain Vitamin E which nourishes and moisturises hair & scalp.So, if your hair is dry and with split ends you need to try this hot oil treatment.Simple to use:Warm oil in basin of warm water for a few minutesDampen hair and massage oil into scalp covering hair and split ends.Cover with cling wrap (preferably) and shower cap and leave for 1 to 2 hours before washing out (Can leave in longer if you wish or even overnight)Your hair will feel soft and glossy and your scalp healthy An all natural product  

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