His Face Scrub 125ml


Get rid of the ruff stuffIf you are suffering from blackheads, dry and rough skin you need to do a face scrubIt’s easy to use – just apply liberally to face and neck (if needed), massage well into the skin and simply wash off with cold water.Cold water will close up the pores so that blackheads don’t develop.You may need to use it often to help clear up your skin.Unperfumed and will suit all skin types, i.e. oily, dry, normal to toughOur scrub has tiny, tiny beads to remove dead cells & dry skin. The cleanser is creamy so the beads will roll and remove dry skin without scratching your skin.The scrub will leave your face feeling refreshed.Fresh Aloe Vera Juice is blended together with Almond Oil, Neem & Vitamin E.Cleans and refreshes your face. 

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