Honey Cream 100g

$19.00 inc GST

Honey has a traditional reputation for healing and, together with Neem, it makes a great combination for your skin whether it be dry, damaged, Psoriasis or Eczma prone.

This cream will nourish, moisturise and help prevent dryness.
It is wonderful for young skin too.
It can be used on the body as well as the face.

The honey we use is from a local farm where there are over 300 acres of mixed plants and flowers for the bees to choose from.
There are no additives to this wonderful honey.

Lightly apply and gently massage in.




Pure Australian Honey with no additives.
Contents: Aloe vera, Australian Raw Honey, Neem, Fresh Royal Jelly, Macadamia & Almond Oils, Vitamin E, Natural Glycerin, natural coconut emulsify, plant based preservative.