Lemon Myrtle Soap 100g – 2 for $10

$10.00 inc GST

Terrific Lemon aroma.

If you want to look good and feel good you must try our Neem and Lemon Myrtle soap.
This unique French recipe gives a luxurious lather that moisturises your skin.

For the very first time in the world we have blended the unique qualities of Australian Neem and Australian Lemon Myrtle in this wonderfully refreshing face and body soap.

Neem has been a traditional medicinal her for centuries. It is a large tree with rich foliage and grows in our sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Lemon Myrtle is grown in our local Australian rainforest region in northern NSW and is highly regarded as a “Bush Tucker” herb. It is a stunning ornamental tree which gives off a strong refreshing lemon aroma and, like Neem, has many healing qualities.

To create this rich moisturising soap we have used only the very best quality ingredients to produce a pure, clean and refreshing soap with a luxurious lather.

Save by buying in bulk – 2 for $10


Refreshing and a great Aussie product

A Special Note:
Any Palm Oil that we may use in our soaps is RSPO Certified (web www.rspo.org).
That means that it was certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and, by respecting their specific criteria, help reduce the negative impacts of cultivation on the environment and communities.