Lime Fresh Crystal Deodorant 100g

With refreshing Lime

This natural crystal has been created over thousands of years through the action of ascending waters on pure natural salts.
Ideal for sensitive skin.
It’s easy to use and the crystal lasts for years.

Channel 9 (What’s Good for You) ran a test with some footballers to see which of the deodorants were most effective. They tested about 6 types of deodorants including the crystal one. They applied the deodorants and then did a 20 minute workout . They then did the smell and sweat test and found that the crystal deodorant came out tops!

So that is a pretty good recommendation.

The crystal deodorant does not contain preservatives or harmful aluminium and doesn’t clog pores or stain clothing.
Simply moisten crystal with water and apply to skin.
After use, rinse the crystal, dry and stand of towel or paper to absorb excess moisture.


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