Neem Head Lice Oil 100ml (4.42 fl ozs)

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Head Lice and nits take care – Our Head Lice Oil is here!

It is natural with no nasty chemicals and is so effective.
Our Head Lice Oil is a natural product made up of Grapeseed Oil which has been hand-blended with our pure Neem Seed Oil with just enough Frangipani oil to create a light perfume.

These oils contain essential amino acids, proteins and Vitamin E which are excellent for hair & scalp.
So, not only are you hitting the head lice and getting rid of them but also natural with no nasty chemicals and is so effective.
It’s gentle and mild and NO chemicals.

For Head Lice: Dampen hair and massage oil into scalp covering hair well.
Cover with cling wrap (preferably) and shower cap for 1/2 to 1 hour – you can leave longer if you wish as these oils are nourishing the hair and scalp
Comb hair with a fine nit comb before washing out the oil
Repeat 7 – 10 days if necessary (in case you have missed any of the eggs they will hatch out then)


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