Neem Leaf Extract – 20ml

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In scientific tests Neem Leaf Extract has been proven to have anti-viral properties.
Neem Leaves have been used in traditional Ayurveda medicine in India for centuries.

Try it on skin rashes, chicken pox, measles, psoriasis and inflammation – may help stop the redness, itchiness and may help prevent scarring.

It is a tonic for your skin – It refreshes your skin and makes it smooth and supple.
Can use it on your face but be careful not to use near eye area.
Men – try it as an aftershave and see for yourself how it benefits your skin.

Our Neem Leaf Extract is professionally made from Australian Neem Trees grown in northern Queensland.
The leaves are gently harvested & dried naturally before being inspected for quality control purposes and then made into the extract (or tincture). This takes many weeks to produce.

We always recommend you do a test patch first, say 1 part Neem to 20 parts water then build up to using it straight if desired.
Will sting if put onto open wounds

See also our “Traditional Uses” section

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Contains:  Australian Neem Leaves, purified water, ethanol.

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