Neem Lice Oil – 20ml (.68 fl ozs)


Gentle on Hair & ScalpNatural productIf you have young children at school, then this is a handy oil to have in your cupboard for when lice are about.It contains Grapeseed Oil and has been hand-blended with our pure Neem Seed Oil with just enough Fragipani oil to create a light floral perfume.These oils contain essential amino acids and Vitamin E which are excellent for hair & scalp.  They nourish and revitalise.For Lice: Dampen hair and massage oil into scalp covering hair. Cover with cling wrap (if possible)and shower cap for 1/2 to 1 hour. Comb hair with a fine nit comb to rid the hair of lice and nits before rinsing off. Repeat 7 – 10 days if necessary (in case you have missed any of the eggs as they will hatch out then)Contains no harmful chemicalsSee also our Lice Attack Pack

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