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Contains 750ml Spray already made up and concentrate for refilling.

It is just so good for those who wish to have great looking roses with beautiful green leaves.
Perfect against Aphids and Black Spot on leaves.

Spray leaves and stems liberally – preferably in the early morning or late afternoon.
Make sure underside of leaves are also sprayed.
Repeat after 7 days and then as necessary.

Simply refill the spray with 10ml concentrate and then fill with water – give a shake then spray.
If concentrate is solid just place in warm water for several minutes.

No masks required.
It will not harm you, your pets or the beneficial insects.
100% biodegradable
All natural product

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Our Rose Plant Spray contains 100% Pure Neem Seed Oil plus a wetting agent (so that it will mix with water)
The Spray is already mixed ready to use.