Neem Tree 50ml Extract

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Neem Tree Extract is made from Australian Neem Trees and incorporates the leaves, twigs, bark & seeds.
In scientific tests Neem Tree Extract (which incorporates Neem Leaf) has been proven to have anti-viral properties.
Neem  has been used in traditional Ayurveda medicine in India for centuries.

It is a tonic for your skin – try and see how it refreshes your skin and makes it smooth and supple.
Men – it is brilliant as an aftershave.
Try it on skin rashes, chicken pox, measles, psoriasis.

Another great Australian Neem product

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Contains:  Neem leaves, twigs, bark & seeds, purified water and ethanol.

It can be used as it is or broken down, say 50/50 with water and used in spray for arms & legs – here again, always do a test patch first especially for sensitive skins. Can be used on the face but be careful near the eyes.

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