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Get that Outdoor Freedom feeling and Take Back the Outback with our natural ‘Outdoor Freedom’
It’s creamy in texture and does a wonderful job in helping to protect against the attacks of nature’s biting insects that cause discomfort.

Comes in a pump pack for easy use.
See also our outdoors roll on 50ml to carry in your bag

Safe for all the family to use – even young babies.
It is gentle on skin and suits all skin types.

Great Neem product with our Australian Spearmint, Neem, Citronella, Lavender and Aloe Vera.


Out of stock

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TESTIMONIAL: Vani from Perth
Wonderful product. I put a bit of the lotion on my arm and then massage it all over my arm. I do the same for legs and do it lightly on my forehead, cheeks and back of neck.
I have not had a fly or mozzie etc come near me and it last for a lengthy period of time. Very rarely do I have to re-apply again. I also apply a little on my dog’s ear and cheek area and the flies do not bother him .
P.S.   If you forget to apply it before going out and get bitten – just apply and it will help relieve those itches and stings.

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