eco-balance Plant Supplement 80g

$30.00 inc GST

Another eco-balance product for the home gardener.

Simply mix 1 flat teaspoon to 1 litre of water, shake well and drench soil and plants once per fortnight (preferably late afternoon).

Great product for the small home garden.
This plant supplement is mineral enriched to help plants thrive.
Healthy growth is important for vegetables so that you are getting all the nutrition into your food.

It contains no less than 70 minerals and trace elements necessary to improve the quality of the soils and, in turn, improve the quality of your plants.
It contains Humates in powder form 100% (ancient concentrated plant matter which is 100% natural).

When we tried it our cucumbers grew to twice the size, the tomatoes were over 2 metres tall and our pumpkins went beserk.
The parsley went over the top, strawberries loved it and basil said ‘thanks very much’.
Seriously though, we were thrilled with the results.


Humates are  now being recognised as one of the most valuable inputs for farming and gardening ever discovered.
They consist of humic and fulvic Acid and raw humates being derived from very ancient plant matter which contains nitrogen, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, selenium, carbon, sulphur, phosphate, potash and, of course, fulvic and humic acid.

Eco-balance's humates are obtained from a super active source and we have developed these unique products as the only ones of this particular make-up in the world to-day.

Neeming Australia Pty Ltd has become a leader in humate development having produced a product range which includes 9 humate options under the banner of eco-balance Australia.