Super Greens Plus 200g (7 ozs)

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Jump start your day with this synergistic formulation of Nature’s Super Foods.

This powdered formula is fortified with highly absorbable (over 95%) Minerals, Vitamins, Herbs, Enzymes and high levels of nutrients from organically grown Vegetables & freeze dried fruits.

It is an Ideal all in one Daily Multi Vitamin, Mineral, herb, Enzyme & Phyto-nutrient Boost and is suitable for all ages.
This scientifically based formula is ideal for active sportspeople and those wishing to supplement their diet to ensure that they receive all of the goodness of the essential vitamins & minerals that your body needs everyday.

This Fortified Organic Formulation of Natures Super Foods is the ideal all in one Multi Vitamin, Mineral, Herb, Enzyme & Phyto nutrient which when taken twice daily will enhance your lifestyle. 
It will ensure that your body reaches high levels of energy, nutritional health and vitality.

And it doesn’t taste bad either 

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