Turmeric Herbal Cream 100g

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Ayurvedic Arthritis CreamIn traditional medicines Turmeric has been used for Arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. Our cream has been based on these benefits and contains not only Turmeric (with curcumin) but many other beneficial herbs such as Neem (antioxidant);  Rosemary (antibacterial and analgesic); Olive (hydrating);  Myrrh (antimicrobial), Macadamia Oil (healing and regeneraton) and Apricot Kernel Oil (calms irritated skin).Fantastic combination.For those with Arthritis, Joint inflammation, tendonitis, rheumatism,ankle and knee stiffness – use twice daily or as required. Apply a small amount and massage in. You will be pleasantly surprised at the relief it brings.

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