Equine Spray 750ml

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Natural & Eco-friendly Neem Horse Spray

Apply or spray our Equine Spray daily on your horse or as necessary.
When empty just refill using our concentrate at a rate of 30mls to 1 litre water

Eco friendly product – biodegradable
Neem is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and insects hate it
No chemicals and non toxic to humans, animals, birds and bees. 

Testimonial: Derani Z. Nth Qld. Have used Neem for a while on kids and around the house and finding it works well on humans decided to give it a go on a horse recently purchased suffering from a very bad case of rain scald. Immediately after the first use, hair started to grow back and the horse wasn’t sensitive to touch. Even after heavy rains, with constant application the hair has remained and is super glossy and soft and getting thicker everyday. Brilliant stuff. Smells a bit but WORTH it.

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