Purpose Statement

Neeming Australia’s Purpose Statement

Description of Organisation

Neeming Australia produces a wide range of over 300 high quality products derived from the Neem Tree, a native tree of India. This pioneering Australian company has harnessed the proven power of this tree by providing its customers with a diverse range of chemical-free, organic products designed to prioritise the wellbeing of people, animals and offer an alternative to pesticides in farming. 

Purpose Statement

The purpose statement that perfectly fits the company, Neeming Australia is:
“Making lives better naturally, with Neem by creating an organic, Ayurvedic product range whilst being eco-friendly and benefiting environmental sustainability “

Justification for Purpose statement

Neeming Australia exists to harness the unique qualities and benefits of the wonder tree called Neem. The business creates a natural product range that helps to protect and benefit our daily lives through its many uses.

Neeming Australia are able to fulfil their purpose statement by sourcing high grade quality Neem from organic certified farms and then use their expertise to develop a vast range of products to satisfy it’s many uses. The key to its success is their expertise and ability to turn the raw tree parts into an end product that maintains it’s natural qualities and benefits and therefore delivers its promise.   

Neeming Australia’s new purpose statement means that customers are able to access the highest quality products, which ultimately improves lives overall.  

Neeming Australia focuses mainly on providing natural, quality products which are beneficial to their customers. The new purpose statement highlights the overall positives of using Neem, rather than just focussing on the financial benefits of the business. The sole purpose of Neeming Australia is to bring traditional Neem herbal products into the market for the benefit of all. 

The new purpose statement allows customers to easily identify the main purpose of the business whilst, offering customers a variety of products dependent on their needs. It provides a sense of direction that will resonate with its customers, employees, suppliers and distributors. Neeming Australia’s aim is to improve the health and lives of people, pets and our agricultural land. Using chemical-free pesticides enables healthier crops, gardens and maintains good soil that produces food naturally and organically.

The values of the company are that of wellbeing and protection in a natural way.  The values which underpin the purpose statement are improved wellbeing with the use of chemical free products, in its Ayurvedic medicinal and skin care ranges. Neeming Australia enables customers to feel safe and confident with their eco-friendly products as well as being consistent with their ‘big picture’ values of environmental sustainability.

In society today, there appears to be a monumental shift to consume or use high quality natural products as distinct from chemical-based substances. This is a worldwide phenomenon. Customers want to be reassured that products are good for them and can provide a natural alternative that helps them in their daily life. The strength of it’s word-of-mouth following and endless outstanding customer testimonials is testament to Neeming Australia’s success and pursuit for a healthier world.