1L Cattle Wash Concentrate (2 pints 2 ozs)

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Neem Cattle Wash to help protect your cattle against those annoying flies, fleas and ticks.

Dilute at a rate of 30ml to 1 Litre of water and use as a wash or as a rinse on your cattle.

It can be used full strength on problem areas.
Do not wash off as this leaves a presence of neem which helps protect your cattle.

Conditions their coat.
Contains 100% pure Neem Seed Oil (no chemical additives or extractions) plus a vegetable wetting agent.
Our Neem Oil is rich in fatty acids & Vitamin E.
Neem is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and insects hate it.
Neem is non toxic to humans, animals, mammals birds & bees.

Try our Cattle Wash and keep your livestock looking its best

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Got ticks – try Neem

Contents:  Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil, natural wetting agent.


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