5L Goat Wash Concentrate (FREE postage in Australia)

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Formulated for your prize goat and also your breeding stock

FREE Postage anywhere in Australia!

Use as a final rinse – leave on – do not wash off

Dilute at a rate of 30mls to 1 litre water and either spray or sponge on making sure skin and coat are well covered.
Use full strength on problem areas

It is an all natural product with 85% pure neem seed oil that has been cold pressed and 15% wetting agent (allows it to mix with water) that is made up from vegetable oils.
Our Neem Oil is rich in fatty acids & Vitamin E.
Neem is antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal

Eco-friendly – 100% biodegradable
Safe for humans, animals, birds and bees
Neem has been called The Tree of the 21st Century by United Nations

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Contents:  Pure cold pressed Neem Seed Oil and natural organic wetting agent

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