Orchid Spray 750ml

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No Chemicals – Ready to use – Eco-friendly
Soil Ameliorant – for better soils

Try our all natural Neem Orchid Spray.
It is a blessing – no masks required when spraying and it will not harm you or the beneficial insects.

Our Neem oil is certified Organic and is cold pressed so as to retain all of its beneficial components such as natural organic sulphur, proteins, vitamins, glycerin, and various trace elements.
One of the main benefits of Neem compared to chemical fertilisers is that it leaves NO toxic residues in the soil and is 100% biodegradable!
Once finished can be refilled with just add 7mls concentrate, add water then shake and spray.

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No Chemicals – Eco-friendly
Contains just Pure cold pressed Neem Oil and a natural organic wetting agent (allows it to mix with water) and purified water

The Neem Tree has taken many thousands of years to learn how to protect itself from insects.
It was discovered this in the West when a locust plague went through the Sudan in the 60’s and destroyed everything in sight but left the Neem trees without any damage whatsoever so scientists then decided to examine the Neem tree to find out why.
Since then much scientific study of Neem has been conducted in many countries and it is now becoming the product of choice with farmers and plant growers.


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